The warranty for ECOFIREPLACES fireplace (against manufacturing defects) is one (1) year from the purchase order.

The Warranty is no longer valid :
1 - When the unit is delivered at construction site (improper use, such as a template, for example, or even loss of the KIT that accompanies the fireplace) may occur. Using the burner as a template can scratch the piece or bend the drawer or even harden the inner blanket, by excess dust from marble / plaster / wood, etc.
2 - Misuse of other combustible products (kerosene, vodka, sake, gasoline) except bioethanol recommended for burning.
3 - Use of food to bake or even put food inside (marshmallow, peanut, others).
4 - Use of aromas, essences, woods, candles, wax pencils, toys.
5 - Use of abrasive or cleaning products.
6 - Lack of protection (cover) against insects, leaves, rain and water.