User instructions

1. Assemble all parts exactly as shown on the attached DVD or on the ECOFIREPLACES website.
2. Use the measuring cup to measure the appropriate amount of Bioethanol. Each burner has a specific capacity. Consult the manual before use.
3. Place the funnel into the burner.
4. Pour the fluid from the measuring cup and wait until there are no more drips.
In the event of liquid dripping off the burner, dry immediately with a cloth before lighting.
5. Since Bioethanol may stain the surface where it falls, use caution.
6. Be careful not to splash fluid onto the rocks or glass (for appliances that include glass parts). In this event the rocks may produce smoke and the glass may crack on ignition.
7. Never use matches or papers to light the burner. They may produce smoke or soot.
8. Never use the igniter to light the bioethanol directly, always use the stem tip or damper. The igniter contains gas and may cause combustion at its base.
9. Preferably use the metal rod dipped in the Bioethanol for lighting.
Light the tip of the stem and touch the bioethanol inside the burner.
Do not shake the stem to extinguish the tip while the flame is still burning (it will go off by itself).
10. The flame turns yellow in 15/20 minutes.
11. To refill the burner expect to cool for at least 30 min.
12. Do not smoke while handling the fuel.
13. Keep children and pets away when performing this procedure.