Ecofireplaces fireplaces are of exceptional quality, are products imported from Europe developed for safe residential burning, which is why the parts do not require maintenance (provided all handling items are respected).
Always use BIOETHANOL, special ethanol developed exclusively for use in fireplaces that do not produce smell, smoke or soot, the fireplace will not require any maintenance, since internally it has a blanket that absorbs the product used.
Ecofireplaces is not liable for damages caused to health or to the units by use of other types of fluids.
There is a natural wear by chemical reaction of the inner grid, which holds the blanket. This grid will not require maintenance either.
Use with unsuitable fuel, as well as producing smoke and odor, requires replacement of the ceramic wool sponge. In this specific case, the owner must contact the company directly via website ECOFIREPLACES, to know the procedure to be taken and the costs for the specific maintenance.
Therefore we recommend that you use only Bioethanol for the lighting of the fireplace. Never use Ethanol from Petrol Stations (they are unsuitable for burning in fireplaces, highly toxic and harmful to health).
Never roast marshmallow or any other type of food in the fireplace, as it may fall inside the cookware and thus cause smoke / smell, resulting in the likely need for service and maintenance.
Therefore, the only maintenance required is EXTERNAL cleaning fireplace.


Cleaning recommendations are as follows:


1- Every 2 out of 3 times of the use of the fireplace, apply WD-40 only on the surface of the burner.
2 – Use only a dry cloth on the inside.
3 – It will not be necessary to change the inner mat, provided that Bioethanol (special ethanol developed exclusively for use in fireplaces) is used.
4 – Do not use abrasives for cleaning.
5 – Do not use any type of product for internal cleaning.