Handling & Safety

Because it is a product that produces fire, pay close attention to the processes. Before lighting, watch the handling video on our website, on the useful information page, and go to the link: https://www.ecofireplaces-usa.com/technical-information. Play the DVD that comes with the product and read the printed Handling Manual. If you have to refuel, allow the piece to cool for half an hour, so you do not risk starting the fire in the measuring cup or funnel, causing an incident. The initial and final flames are light blue in color. After 15-20 min, it will turn orange-yellow. The longer it is on, the more intense in color it stays.

The initial or final flame may become imperceptible, in bright light or in the sun, be careful not to cause any incident. Observe and check for any flame before handling.

After lighting do not transport the fireplace. Keep it in place or turn it off to re-locate it. Wait for it to cool down and then restart the process in the desired location. We do not recommend lighting cigarettes / papers / toothpicks or any other product from the burner, so as not to be at risk of any physical or material incidents. Do not place any type of food inside the burner. Use only bioethanol, so as not to impair the proper functioning of your burner. Do not allow children to light and/or handle the bioethanol or the burner. Avoid lighting when you have too many children in the room, even if accompanied by adults. Be careful not to leave near the flames or the burner, organic materials that can catch fire easily. Materials such as fabrics, wallpapers, blinds, sofas, armchairs, shawls, scarves, duvets, clothes, hair, fine woods, etc. should be kept at a minimum distance of 35” from the flames. The flames usually rise on average 25” and circulate around 25” in diameter. In the use of fireplaces in outdoor areas, when finished, always place the cover, for the protection of rain, insects, leaves, etc. On days of heavy rain, try not to ignite outdoors, so that water does not get inside the burner, and you will be forced to perform an unexpected maintenance.